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About Us

Amara Timber are an established Lanarkshire supplier of timber, doors, wall panels, flooring, stair parts and decking. We can also supply door handles and accessories.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service and professional, helpful staff. Amara believe that the customer comes first and that quality products don't have to be costly, and we will happily advise you on the most suitable product to meet your needs.

How Amara Timber Began

Beginnings of Amara Timber

Before I started trading as Amara Timber, I had cause to visit my local timber merchants on several occasions. I was shocked that I could not see or touch the material that I wanted to purchase. This meant that I was unable to see if it was suitable for my requirements. I saw that there was a service here that was not being provided to the public and this is what made me decide to set up in business. I was determined to provide the public with a premium service, where they could select their own timber and had a first class delivery service.

On 1st May 1993, I started trading as Amara Timber with no formal knowledge of the trade. At the time, I had no idea that this was such a specialised, risky business. My first four or five years in business were disastrous and the fact that I couldn't offer credit accounts didn't help. During this time we had some very loyal customers, but despite this, we couldn't keep up with the large established businesses in the area. Finding the right suppliers was difficult and my lack of experience meant that I didn't know what products to stock. But I was determined to fight to survive!

Amara have longstanding, courteous staff and this has been at the forefront of establishing good customer relationships and a loyal customer base. At the end of the day, it was our customers who we can thank for helping me to learn about the building needs of the trade and public, build up my business and pay my staff their wages. I take my customers' opinions very seriously and welcome feedback from them - both positive and negative. I personally deal with letters and emails, and have recently added a feedback form to my website. If I can improve my service to my customers, I will - if there are obstacles preventing me from providing what my customers want, then I will explain this to them. It is my ambition to stay the best - not second best. So far, I have achieved this with the support of my customers and staff.

Amara Timber has gone from strength to strength, while maintaining our quality of service and customer focus. We are now a limited company and look forward to serving the public for many years to come!

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Amara Timber

Our Delivery Service

Our delivery service is second to none. We provide low cost delivery six days a week.

Our Staff

The staff at Amara are courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. Our focus is to provide a service which is second to none, and we are always happy to have customer feedback by letter, phone, email or via our online contact form.

Select your own timber

Here at Amara Timber, we allow our customers to go into the area where the timber is stored so that they can view and select their own timber. In this way they can be sure that the timber is of a quality and type that will meet their needs.

Our Products

At Amara Timber we have an extensive stock and can provide a variety of products from timber to worktops, log cabins, doors, door accessories, decking, wall boards, brass and stair parts. If you do not see what you require online, just contact us and we will try to help.

Our Prices

We are proud of our reasonable prices. We offer two pricing lists - one for trade and one for the public.

Drop into our Showroom today to view our vast range of products?